Walking Through the Streets of Bengaluru

By Prajwal Haniya

My calves are aching intensely. The traffic was horrible. Reaching Malleshwaram took approx two to three hours. Even though I took Bus and later the metro it cost me a lot of time. Usually, I would have reached within an hour but that was not the case today.

I like walking through the street of Malleshwaram. I did the same thing today. Some of the bookstalls in the street always attract me. There are some stalls that have been operating for ages. I bought a book from one of the small shops. People sell books at a very underrated price. Because the number of readers around the globe is reducing significantly. People don’t have the patience to read. I bought a book by Leo Tolstoy with the title “The Cossacks”. It’s a novel that was published in 1863.

Reading books can really take you to different imaginary places. So, they must be read by people who are able to read. The number of books that you read in a year doesn’t matter, but the quality of content that you read matters.

Reading will definitely help you in many ways. It may be Biographies, Autobiographies, Fiction, Non-Fiction, or anything, something that has been written carefully thinking can add value to you.

My legs are still aching. I have been running in the morning(started few days back) too. So, its been an intense workout for my calves and some great real experiences.