Using Lunar Vim

By Prajwal Haniya

I have been using VS Code for a long time now. I know a lot of it’s shortcuts and my productivity has definitely increased. While deploying a node application I came across vim. Configuring vim is not an easy task. So, while searching vim related things, I came across lunar vim. Which is just a vs code like IDE and has all the vim shortcuts and is on top of neovim. Just by googling you can get to know a lot about this.

Initially, as a developer, you may find it too hectic to configure your own IDE. But, when you understand the power of Vim you want to learn more about it and want to start using it, because of its insane speed. At least I have started to learn about lunar Vim and it follows all the shortcuts of Vim, built on top of Neovim. And it reduces your configuration time. And can start understanding it from the day you install it.