The Routine

By Prajwal Haniya

It’s been around four weeks in the company as a full-stack developer. There are a lot of things that I have learned. Today, lunch was offered by the company. We all booked a cab, went to a restaurant, and had a great lunch. The bill was astonishingly high, but as we were many members it was obvious.

In these many days, I have developed several features, which the actual people will be using. I have learned several things about coding and building applications. Writing a clean code(well-indented code) is very important. Even though there are many tools available in the market for code indentation, writing and indenting it yourself without using lint or prettier makes you more skilled. Writing simple, clean, and efficient code without any help can make you equipped with a great amount of capability and understanding. Starting a product is easy, but maintaining it is tough and that is what matters.

Most of my time goes to the ‘software development' in the company. Later, at night looking at my college reports, projects, and other academic stuff completes the day. There are other things too. Like things that I notice on the way to the company. Having tea at Udupi hotel below a large tree gives a good feeling. By no means do I recommend any hot beverages like coffee or tea, but if you like it then have it.

I think this has become almost a daily routine, except on weekends. Saturdays, I am supposed to attend college. Some weekends might be tough to travel, but there are no options to choose from.