The Pressure

By Prajwal Haniya

Engineering is one such field where you can experience a lot of things. As I am one of the engineering students I may be a little biased in my view. But, one thing is for sure that there will be a lot of pressure in completing the assigned work. Every Semester has 3 internal assessments, 3 assignments, events, the skills that you need to develop individually, mini projects/projects (depends), and extracurricular activities. It may seem that it is common to any degree. But, the only difference here is the amount of syllabus that you need to be studying. Yes, if you are pursuing your engineering degree through VTU then ofcourse you have a lot of things to study. At the same time believe me the syllabus is outdated for some subjects.

You as an individual it is your responsibility to develop your skills. As no syllabus can teach you that. Time management is one such thing that is most required in order to do all these things.