Adversities while relocating

By Prajwal Haniya

It’s always the decision of an individual to choose certain things. Do you like to be comfortable or want to get out of that comfort zone & do different things which are meaningful? It is always the decision of the individual. You are accountable for the decisions you make.

Yes, here I am in Bengaluru and was accountable for shifting from living as paying guests (in PGs) to renting out a home. There is a lot that you need before you can shift to a home. One of the main things is related to cooking. You are responsible to cook and make certain things yourself. In PGs, you just pay a certain amount of money & the owner will take care of the rest.

Once I got the rental agreement in my hand, I shifted to my new home immediately the next day. I had a few essentials like cooking gas, a stove, water cans & few required cooking utensils. Which was just enough to survive. All these days, I kept these items at one of my aunt’s homes which is nearly 35km away from my new rented flat. I also kept an immense number of books that I had read during all these years. (Most of my boxes were filled with books).

Bringing all these items from my aunt’s home to my place was a nightmare. I was all alone from the starting point. I had no idea, how will I be able to carry all my items to my place. I barely received any help. Even though one of my closest friends did ask, I denied her as it was too heavy for her to carry. But, people who could really help me, just didn’t.

When no one offers any help & you must do whatever you want to do without any help, that’s what makes one understand many things. Some events teach you a lot.

When I was searching for a vehicle that could carry all my items from my aunt’s home to my space, I was stuck. Through one of my uncles, I got a reference for a mobile app called ‘Porter’ where you could book a carrier auto or any such transportation vehicle & within minutes they will connect you to the nearby available transportation of your choice. That was very convenient. It saved a lot of my time. I booked an auto, and I shifted all my items, into it. I came along with that auto, by sitting inside it with the driver till my home. When I reached my home sitting in the same position for 35km caused a lot of trouble. I could not change my sitting position in auto, because there wasn’t any available space. It was really hard for me. But, I got no choice, as you are accountable for the decisions you make.

But, the security of our residency helped me a lot, to shift the boxes. He put all the heavy boxes into the lift. He also carried a few of them. I am really grateful to him.

The house relocation taught me many things, and gave me a great lesson & understanding.