Searching Through the Streets of Bengaluru

By Prajwal Haniya

It’s been a while since I have written anything. Writing is one thing that I have done more than coding. But, for the past few months, I am totally occupied with a lot of work. I personally find very little time to explore new things. Of course, I am learning a lot in the field of software development. It is just an opportunity cost. It’s been nearly 6 months, I and my senior living in a small room in a PG near my company. For the past few weeks, I am vigorously searching for a space, where I could cook a little bit and have a slightly bigger space than this. Is it worth it? Let’s see.

The demand for houses has increased and so the rents. But, the availability of a good space is still scarce. I have walked all around the area where I stay, most landlords prefer families to rent their space over a bachelor. This is just a typical mentality of the people around here. There needs a significant change not only in the external world but also in the mentality of the people.

My senior found a job in a different company which is near electronic city, so he will be shifting there in two weeks or so. I could stay here for another few months, but still I need to think about it.

I have made several friends who are also searching for a bigger space. When it comes to Bengaluru or any other place, the cost of living depends on several factors like population, the opportunity for work, and many such factors. So, especially when there is an opportunity for work, there are going to be a lot of young folks like us, who are working or in search of jobs who come together to the same place, where we network and live. Even though, not everybody are going to stay more than a year or two, but we build a network of people with the same taste.

Bengaluru is one such place where you can find people from a lot of different fields. As there is a lot of opportunity, people come and go often. Because of such factors, the volatility in the price is something expected.

It is the kind, a kind that I can describe only through the lengthy words of an experience that I am having right now. I always wanted to document such things. Not every time I write it in a blog, but today was the day where I really felt to put it out. And here it is.