Dealing with the situations

By Prajwal Haniya

Sometimes opportunities come at you. You may be getting a good one. But, certain conditions will make you stay away from it. A moment before rejecting that opportunity you may be in total confusion about what to do. People advising you may not know what you are going through at that moment. Nobody knows what the future is, but I feel sometimes you need to trade off some good opportunities if it is not satisfying your conditions. There is an opportunity cost.

Most people are looking at just the external properties and not the real worth of work. I feel it is more important of what exactly you are doing than other things. If you are not satisfied with your work then there is no point in doing that. In the world of uncertainty, each and everything that we do is going to be important either for yourself or for people around you. If it is not benefiting either you or the people around then it may be not worth doing.

I have increased my typing speed, so it is actually fun writing code and articles. A few years back I need to search each and every key on the keyboard, but today it feels a lot easier to type the things and it has increased the speed at which I complete my work. So learning how to type quickly will play a significant role.