What world cares about?

By Prajwal Haniya

The world doesn’t care what you are going through while building something. Your experiences are solely yours. So, it’s a common thing that ‘the process’ is underrated. Getting everything instantly is both a boon and bane. Instant gratification has made our generation believe that everything happens very quickly, but no.

The rate at which your parents, grandparents, and great grandparents got old, your growth(physical experiences) is exactly at the same rate. In the sense, we all get 24 hours in a day. The only thing which has changed is the flow of information. And the speed at which society gets updated using the technology. There is a much chance that we all can get trapped in gadgets if we aren’t aware of what and why we are doing what we are doing. The world mostly cares about the end product and not the process.