What's the point in taking courses?

By Prajwal Haniya

After completing 3 years of my engineering degree, one thing which I can surely tell is courses aren’t going to play a significant role. What skills as an individual you develop is all there is. Of course, in the IT sector, there are a lot of opportunities. I don’t know much about other fields, but in the software field, there is much power with the individual to build and change things. The problem here is, constantly changing market. If we are not quick while building any software application, that can be totally obsolete when it hits the market.

In these years I haven’t come across a single individual who got something just because of the completion of the course. I have tried several courses, but all of them are going to be useless unless there is something that you as an individual have built. This is the reality, a startup won’t need people without some solid projects. Of course, building good projects take time. And learning different concepts along with the projects takes some more time too. But, I think after a while this is going to be worth it.