Experimenting with React

By Prajwal Haniya

React is just awesome. The application can be developed at a very high speed compared to just HTML, CSS, and Javascript. There are many concepts in React, for a beginner it may take a little bit of time to understand and grasp the content. Writing the code is always the later part, making sure that you can read the code and understand how it works is the important part. At present, I am not writing any full-scale application, but these small things are teaching me a lot. Tweaking the code is all there is, without a clean code an application can never be scaled. If at all it is done so, then in the future updating it going to cost you a lot.

With experience, you can write better codes than without any. So, most companies need experienced developers as they know the better way to implement their codes. So for a fresher, it may take a little bit of time, but getting to know this early is important.

What I am experiencing right now is, to develop a scalable product you need to understand different tech stacks. For developing an MVP you don’t need much of an understanding, but when you have real users using your product, then you need more things to play together.