The project

By Prajwal Haniya

In the final year of your engineering degree, you are meant to make a good project that appeals to the “academic standard”. I am stressing the word “academic standard” because it was stressed by one of the professors in the college.

I don’t care whether the project is of academic standard or not. But, definitely, you need to make a project which solves the societal problems or on the latest technological trends in order to keep yourself with the industry. Yes, there are many consultancies with whom many students buy the projects. But, in the final years, you do a project to test yourself. There is no point in convincing others if you are not convinced yourself in the first place.

Crypto is still a hot topic, as the government is introducing a new bill. But, I can one hundred percent guarantee that very few people really understand what crypto is and how it should be used and how it is being used. There are a lot of disadvantages at the same time there are mind-boggling advantages which can be used to change the way how we interact, communicate, buy and sell goods, etc. However, we are doing a project on NFT’s. Hoping to learn a lot on this project. Learning about ethereum and smart contracts.