Too much occupied!!

By Prajwal Haniya

A day has 24 hours. Each and everyone of us have the same time, no matter where you go on this earth. But, how we make use of it is all in our hands. Right now, because of all these technological improvements you will always be occupied with one or the other things. When it comes to coding there is something new introduced every now and then. Keeping yourself updated is the only choice that you have, but coding requires a lot of time and effort. There are numerous languages and for different applications.

At present I am into Javascript and looking towards blockchain development that is solidity. If you are planning for attending the interviews for some companies then you need preparation time for that as well. And if you are attending university, then you need to attend the classes. So, it makes your day completely occupied and no time for rest of the fun. You need to make your work as fun. If you are not interested in it believe me it is just a waste of time. Anything that you do if you are enjoying it, then that is the ultimate thing that is required and rest of the thing is a bonus.

The education system is broken, new policies are introduced and there is a lot of flexibility. But, it is all for the upcoming students and the rest of us need to be stuck in the old and outdated syllabus which is totally irrelevant to today’s world. But, you don’t have any other choice once you get into the university. Comparatively education is way cheaper here in India, so most of the people are going to be graduates. So, completing the university is just a norm, but there is a significant quality trade off with most of the universities.