March 22,2022

By Prajwal Haniya

Journaling is one of the habits that I have developed over the past few years. Even when I was a kid I used to write often. I have also participated in many competitions and won prizes too. I think early childhood experiences play a very important role in whatever you do today. Of course, nobody can decide what you will go through, but that shapes.

March 22, 2022 is one of the special days. Why? Because on this day I have experienced many things. In the morning, when I switched on my laptop it didn’t start well. It stuck at the logo(Ubuntu logo) and then switched to a blank screen. I tried fixing it for a few hours but that didn’t work. I didn’t have any bootable Pendrive to install the OS once again. Later, I got the reason why this problem is occurring to my laptop. It was really simple. The day before, I have installed Nvidia graphic drivers without checking my laptop’s hardware specifications. This was the major issue.

After checking for a few minutes, I decided to fix my laptop with the help of one of my friends in the college library. That went well. We both together tried to fix it and we fixed the issue within minutes. This taught me a great lesson about computers. But, is it only this much that made the day important? No, definitely not. I got an interview call from a company later in the afternoon. Was it that important? Maybe! Because, when you apply for jobs off-campus, companies reviewing your applications is a great deal. Because the industry doesn’t welcome freshers that well. But, have a great market for people with good experience in tech. As a fresher, you got to apply to many companies. You gotta tune your resume.

Can you start something of your own? Yes, definitely it can be done. But, finding a problem and building a product is not an easy task. It takes time. May be few months to years. During this period, you need something that maintains your sustainability. A good company will definitely teach you a lot if you can contribute to its growth. If people already have a product and are building things to solve a problem, joining them to build and solve things would be a good idea and experience.

I gave multiple rounds of interviews on the same day. It was really a good experience. Had those interviews with developers and the founder of the company. Waiting for the results. And will be sharing it soon.

The day was a complete package that involved a lot of chaos and learnings in that chaos.

March 30, 2022

After waiting for more than a week, I put a follow-up mail to one of the persons who took my interview. I haven’t received any reply from the day I gave the interview. Either you need to get an offer letter or a rejection letter. But, neither of them will put you in a state that I cannot describe. It’s common to wait for a few weeks before a company will give you an offer letter. But, I think startups are quick in making decisions. So, I am still waiting for a reply from the company.

When you are a fresher the industry won’t look at you until and unless you have a great amount of talent and luck. I believe that if you have skills you can apply to any company. But, you can’t develop every skill that the industry needs. Especially in the field of software or tech, you can master only a few skills. And then apply for companies that match your skills. And luck is something that I cannot speak about, and probably no one can speak about it.

March 31, 2022

I am constantly checking every E-mail that I receive. I think I need to start applying to other companies in the market. This company is one of the startups that I had applied to multiple times. But, according to the interview that I had given I feel that I am going to get this company. But, not sure until you get a proper confirmation from the side of the company.

I think at present I am checking most of the mail, expecting that it will be from that one company.

Today, I will be dropping the idea that I will hear back from the company. And need to move on. I know that I expected a lot from this company, will update if I hear back from them.

April 1, 2022

Got a call from the HR of the company at 11:53 AM. I wasn’t expecting any call, but good that somebody replied. They asked me to join and briefed me on some insights about the company. And HR informed me that I will get the offer letter within the evening today.

Received the offer letter at 6:49 pm. They said to visit the company on monday.