By Prajwal Haniya

Its been many days. I was away from posting anything on my personal blog. However, I continued posting my weekly newsletter.

Many things have changed in last two months. I have recently switched to a new company, relocated to koramangala (HSR Layout, Teachers Colony). And it’s been 2 weeks in my new company. As it’s a complete tech company, there are many things that I am learning on a daily basis.

My old HP laptop got an issue with booting. Last week I took it to a hp service center, they inspected it and said the ssd must be replaced. However I was thinking of buying a new laptop. Because, I used my old laptop for a long time now, and it has turned itself into a very slow machine.

So today I ordered a new laptop. I am writing this blog on my new laptop. Unfortunately, it’s windows. I love linux system because of the freedom it gives me. So, probably I will be continuing with windows until they give a new update.