Importance of Keeping Documentation

By Prajwal Haniya

I have started to read more blogs. More than consuming video content, I have started to consume text content. Content from people who are already ahead of me. Their documentation is really helpful for people who are going through the same phase of their life. People who are older than you most of the time have greater experiences and learnings which can benefit you. It’s just a simple hack to learn.

So, this blog is just my documentation of the things that I learn and experience on a regular basis. It is not only about that, but also a place where I share what I am feeling. It’s public documentation. Will anybody read it? I don’t know. But, it’s like a note for myself.

Seth’s blog and Paras Chopra’s blog are really wonderful. Their writings are simply extraordinary. These are the two blogs that I read often. There are many other blogs from which I consume a lot of information from, I will be listing all of them sometime in the future. Reading simply saves a lot of time than watching an hour long video content.