How to find a House for Rent in Bengaluru?

By Prajwal Haniya

It’s been more than 3 months, and every weekend I used to search for a house by walking around to find a TO-LET board. It was pretty disappointing even after walking a lot, I used to find very few spaces for rent. I contacted each and every phone number that I see could be a potential person who might rent his space for a young guy like me.

One bad thing about being young is that people don’t trust you as a tenant. Because, if you are a young bachelor, people think you won’t be able to keep their house clean. The mentality of people must change. But, sometimes it is possible to get a great house if you pay well.

For the past 6 to 7 months I was in PG(Paying Guest) which is nothing but a boys hostel. But, staying there was quite difficult as the space is very less and two people must stay together by hook or crook. There is no way to choose your roommates. Either you need a couple of friends (minimum of two) so that you both can rent a space. But still, when talking on a phone, you need to either go out or find a quiet space where you can speak with the other person.

No matter where you are, you got to understand that Bengaluru has simply a lot of population. And most of them will be concentrated in certain areas. And these areas have high demand. Demand for all the things that a typical human has. And this in turn will drive the prices. Especially, real estate prices depend on this.

Before searching for a house, I looked into different kinds of PGs, and hostels. But, getting a single occupancy in that kind of place didn’t really make any sense to me.

Why get your own space? It is good simply because you are accountable. You will be forced to develop certain skills like cooking, taking public transport, communicating with people, and searching for the products you need to survive. You can equip yourself with all the survival skills that an individual needs. Living alone or with friends where you need to be responsible is a very good idea to develop certain skills. It will bombard you with a lot of experience, which in turn gives you a great understanding of the behavior of people around you. Getting to know the place where you are staying is also important. Not every time, you can use a smartphone to help you survive.

So, when I decided to change my place, I couldn’t simply roam around. When you get the clarity you need to move in that direction. So soon I started to search for a person who can find places for me or a person who can show places for me usually called a broker. But, they were charging approximately a month’s rent. When compared with other software services, was expensive and made no sense to go with them, when you have a software alternative. I bought the no-borker subscription. This of course led me to a few different houses. But, the problem was that they provided only 25 phone numbers for my base subscription. Here is the important trick. Instead of roaming around simply, move in a direction. The no-broker subscription was guiding me to the places where there were vacant houses. You can not only visit the places you search, but you can search for other homes around the area you visit. You will definitely get other buildings where they put out the TO-LET board. So, the subscriptions will be worth the price.

If you don’t want to buy any subscription, then you can search in your networks. There will definitely be on or the other person who will be knowing a place that you could rent. Or they may give you a reference of somebody who can help you in getting a space. It is pretty tough to find a good space where the demand is skyrocketing. If you can pay around 10k -15k you can definitely find a great space. If you want a space with a lesser price, then you must be ready to travel a longer distance. There is always a tradeoff while you are buying something or renting. So you need to focus on your requirements. Then navigate yourself towards the place you need.