How to build a skill using this 'Learning Framework'?

By Prajwal Haniya

Is there any fixed learning format that is universally applicable to all humans? Definitely NO. The framework which I am going to describe here has no set of boundaries. It always depends on the individual and their field of interest. How can you find out your area of interest? Basically, you need to try a lot of things.

Building one simple skill which the market needs will help you move ahead. Either you build a skill and let the people who need that skill find you or build a skill that the market needs and showcase it to the people who need your skill. In both circumstances, people come together to add value to each other.

You need to have a hunger or rather a deep desire along with a great amount of curiosity to learn something. Without curiosity, you cannot learn something from existing. With curiosity, just a single sentence, will help you learn a subject deeply. How? Let me give you a scenario:

For example, you need to build a blog from scratch using JavaScript. So your goal is to build a “build blog with JavaScript”. So, what are the questions that you ask after this sentence matters. The question flow may be like the below pattern. You may start googling or ask chatGPT or whatever.

And you need to frame a few more questions based on your curiosity.

The above example shows what I call a curiosity-based learning framework. This framework doesn’t have any boundaries for learning or there is no learning format. You just make use of what, why, and how-based interrogative questions. It helps us to go deeper into a problem and find solutions from the root questions. We will get to understand from the ground up.

When you want to build anything from scratch we need to approach most of the time in this manner. Asking simple questions can give us more information about a concept than just simply reading things.

When learning anything new, you will definitely make some trade-offs like:

You can choose any of the above. Either you go with a full force to learn/ develop a skill. Here, you trade off the earning capability. Else you earn by trading off learning. Or you choose “Earning along with Learning” which can be the most efficient for survival.

All we have to do is show up, work, read a lot and frame curiosity-based questions on the topic, and find solutions to it. And most importantly, you need to give the precious thing which is “TIME” and is significantly important. For every human, it decreases as the day passes.