Engineering to Product Development

By Prajwal Haniya

My undergraduate study got completed very quickly. It feels like a blink of an eye when looking back. Its been a few months since I joined a company as a Full stack developer. I was studying in 8th semester when I joined.

The transition is smooth. During the period of school and college, you will be restricted to follow certain things even if it is not right. But, once you come out of it, you will experience some kind of freedom. Freedom to analyze things and act in the right way. But, within the walls, you are restricted to a certain set of things.

Last four months, every single day I was occupied completely. My laptop screen time has increased to nearly 12 hours a day. I haven’t written much on my blog. There were hundreds of events that I could have documented that I didn’t.

Software development is one such very interesting field. People think that software engineering is overrated. But, it’s not. With software, you can make things so efficient that it not only speeds up things but improves the user experience. Every industry requires software to make things efficient and scalable. Due to the pandemic, the software industry saw huge demand and traffic, and everybody is rushing toward software development. But, it is like any other industry. Building a product is just like carpentry, you have programming languages as tools, the internet as a resource, and the most important thing is the logic, knowing how to use them is the skill. With good skill and time, you can actually build products that help people.

Building your own product and then scaling it is much more difficult than joining a company that already has a product. Adding a new feature to an existing product is not a tough task when compared to building something from scratch.

There is not only hierarchy in schools and colleges, but also in companies. In the minds of people around the world. People are always interested in chasing them. Not getting into this trap would be very good. Understanding why you are doing what you are doing is something we need to strive for. I think that is the right way to look while getting into a company.

In these four months of software development, I have faced significant problems to solve and developed many things which help the organization in its own way. Measuring how it helps could be difficult. Because software makes things easier and helps in moving the information quickly and efficiently.

I think software development is going to be one of the important fields in the upcoming years as it is going to be the base of almost every company. So, in case if you don’t know what this field is all about, understanding it will definitely open new doors. And most importantly software engineering is such a field that anyone with a good amount of practice can get into it. And it doesn’t require any kind of degree.