End of The year 2021

By Prajwal Haniya

It’s the last day of the year 2021. The year passed so fast. Understood many things along the way. There is no point in making resolutions just for the sake of making them. Anything that you decide you want to do can be done at the moment. Waiting for a new year to come is a fools idea to do something. Yes, starting something on Jan 1 can be a good idea, but keeping the consistency is damn important.

It’s not when you start, it’s all about how long can you keep doing. Its all about the consistency. So, do not wait to start something. Yes, some things will be of a great lesson, which can be minted as a story. As long as you are here, and experiencing this beautiful world around everything is an upside. We can learn a lot, understand a lot and at the end we may know nothing. But, your experiences are your own.

Lot of the things about web3 are buzzing around. But, very few people are able to understand what blockchains are and how they can solve a lot of problems that are faced by today’s world. Hoping to see a lot of development in 2022.