Being Disciplined

By Prajwal Haniya

Being disciplined requires effort from the individual. You need to turn it into a habit.

One of my favorite quotes

The man who loves walking will walk further than the man who loves the destination.

So, this means basically if you really love what you are doing, then completion doesn’t matter. You may get what you want a little slowly, but going in that direction consistently matters.

Some people are lucky, and smart so they may get what they want a little earlier. Your circumstances and life’s situation aren’t the same. Maybe you were introduced to something a little late. It’s totally fine, as an individual we live on this beautiful planet Earth.

Time is a very important factor. You can’t compare individuals. There is a lot of influence on each of us. Our DNA, the country in which you are born, our surroundings everything. So we need to find our way to things that we need. Maybe being disciplined will give us that.