April 10, 2022

By Prajwal Haniya

Today I have completely shifted to a PG near the company. My old room near the college was pretty good even though it wasn’t that spacious. The room in the PG isn’t that spacious too but is manageable temporarily.

I have been focusing on react application development. Need to learn a lot in the backend too. As our product is built entirely on the JavaScript Stack, it is easy to focus on one thing. But, there is soo much just in JS that it is not possible to learn everything.

Travelling is costing me more time. Traveling to Dasarahalli eats two and a half hours. So every week changing nearly 2 to 3 buses and then catching the metro will become a norm. I got to know many places around. But, traveling in BMTC will make you a lot tired.

A week passed quickly. I have completed a week in the company. Learned a lot in the field of consultancy and how the system operates. Though we are not consultants, it(product) matches the consultants to the required client. I think there is a huge market for this, and I am witnessing the growth of it every single day.