A Small Decision

By Prajwal Haniya

Decisions are what make a way to where we are heading and what we are experiencing. A single decision can be a disaster or can be of something significantly useful. It is applicable to each one of us in almost every situation.

Traveling within Bengaluru is easy. Decades before when humans had nothing to move from one place to another people traveled on their feet. Then when you have thousands of moving vehicles on the road you should never be dissatisfied or scared to move from one place to other. It is not only applicable for Bengaluru. Traveling in BMTC is far cheaper. Even though we have all the facilities like OLA, Uber, and many more, BMTC is far cheaper than any of them. Of course, if you need more comfort hiring a cab would be better, but if you are not traveling in peak hours choosing public transport like BMTC, Metro would be a great Idea. At the end of the day, it is all bout your little decisions.