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Started writing on Substack

Started writing on substack. Moved my techletter to substack from hashnode. I feel substack is a more mature platform for a writer and gives the freedom to monetize content.

Writing is not easy. Especially tech writing requires a lot of research.

I moved to substack yesterday. I will be writing premium techletters in the upcoming days along with my weekly techletters. Hope it will reach the right audiences.

Narrow down your choices

It’s been many days since I blogged about anything. I am programming every single day. As a full-stack engineer, I get exposure to many areas of computer science. Backend engineering is exciting. At the same time, there are thousands of things that I need to learn. Living beings have a limited amount of time on this planet. You should know that spending more time on the things that you don’t love doing is a waste of time.

An event to remember

When you lose there are more people to celebrate than when you win. At least, today was the day I experienced it. I am writing this because I want to keep it on record. Never be a person who celebrates when someone else loses. Sometimes the circumstances will force you to go down. Going down helps you understand a lot about yourself as well others. You can see all those people who celebrated when you went down.

Why backend engineering is interesting?

Being a software(full-stack) engineer, I have worked on frontend, backend & mobile app development. Of all these three, mobile app development is slightly more complex when compared to developing a web application. This doesn’t mean that developing a web application is easy. Complexities increase as products mature. Nothing is easy. Developing software requires time, effort & patience. Frontend development has its own complexities. Today’s web applications have a lot of front-end engineering work, which many people don’t recognize.

How to build a skill using this 'Learning Framework'?

Is there any fixed learning format that is universally applicable to all humans? Definitely NO. The framework which I am going to describe here has no set of boundaries. It always depends on the individual and their field of interest. How can you find out your area of interest? Basically, you need to try a lot of things. Building one simple skill which the market needs will help you move ahead.

Using Lunar Vim

I have been using VS Code for a long time now. I know a lot of it’s shortcuts and my productivity has definitely increased. While deploying a node application I came across vim. Configuring vim is not an easy task. So, while searching vim related things, I came across lunar vim. Which is just a vs code like IDE and has all the vim shortcuts and is on top of neovim.

Writing Daily

I am writing techletters for more than a week on a continuous basis now. Techletters are a place where I write about the technical things that I learn and come across. Writing generally is fairly easy compared to writing technical things. Why? Because it requires much more practice, experience, and most important curiosity. It is satisfying because you can learn new things every single day. Building software products is not an easy task.


Not everyone is born on the same day or at the same time. You experience things differently. The way you learn something is also not the same. But, people will compare everyone to someone who they think is dominant, or aspire to be. So, you can find very few people who are happy and satisfied. Everyone knows most of the things, but very few people follow. For example, parents may compare their kids with someone else’s kids, but deep down they also know that it is wrong or there are more parameters to consider.


There is unfairness everywhere and in everything. We are born randomly in different places. Is there a reason? I am not sure. You certainly can give a reason for yourself but is it right? I am not sure. You have the responsibility to survive just like any other animal on the planet. But survival for a human is easier compared to other animals. Because we have outsourced most of our work.

Doing Right Things

There is a difference between ‘Doing right things’ and ‘Doing things right’. Both are important. We might not know how to always do the right things. But, we may know how to do certain things in a proper way. We usually learn from our mistakes. Though it is costlier than learning from other’s mistakes. We need to go through certain phases to understand how something feels. For example, winning a medal in a game gives you a different feeling than watching your favorite player win a medal.
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